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Natural Skin Repair

Skin Repair ointment in lab

There’s a miracle oil that’s derived from a New Zealand native plant, and it does everything from killing bacteria to encouraging skin repair and preventing acne.

This incredible oil is steam-distilled from the manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium) and it’s a potent all-purpose fix for skin challenges.

More effective than its Australian cousin the tea tree plant (Leptospermum laevigatum), manuka oil is a locally-grown product.  

Recently, it’s been harnessed for ManukaRx skin repair ointment, the easy-to-use solution for almost every minor skin complaint.

Works with bites and stings

Apply a dab of manuka oil or ManukaRx ointment to an insect bite or sting. It's properties help the swelling and redness to quickly reduce the impact of the sting, and the anti-bacterial properties ensure you don’t suffer at the wound site.

Removes the bacteria that cause acne

A study conducted at Otago University found that manuka oil kills the bacteria that cause acne. A little oil or ManukaRx ointment on the affected area will help to keep the skin clear of pimples.

Anti-fungal and anti-itch

Fungal infections are common and most can be treated with an over-the-counter medication from the pharmacy. However, if you want a natural treatment, manuka oil is anti-fungal. Try it  and test it before resorting to synthetic treatments.

Wound healing and scar reduction

Manuka oil is a cicatrisant. This means it aids in healing, quickly forming a scar over the skin. Not only that, but the oil is a cytophylactic, which means it helps production of new skin cells to form a less-obvious scar. Use to minimise skin damage and encourage rapid recovery.

Soothing and healing rashes

Rashes can be caused by friction, an allergic reaction or skin irritation. Manuka oil, easily applied as ManukaRx ointment, soothes and calms the area. It then encourages recovery while protecting against bacteria.


Dandruff can be caused by a variety of issues, including allergies, hair product build-up, and dry scalp. As the scalp suffers it can be itchy, which can lead to skin damage and then more dandruff. Manuka oil maintains moisture in the scalp, soothes irritation and promotes healing of the skin. Massage into the scalp using a carrier oil and wash out later, for a healthy dandruff-free scalp. Alternatively, rub a little ManukaRx skin repair ointment between your palms and apply at night to the root area of your hair.


Body odour is caused by sweat, which contains bacteria that produce the smell. While it’s a natural process, in some people the odour can be very unpleasant. Manuka oil kills the bacteria that produce the smell, making it a very effective deodorant. Try rubbing a little ManukaRx ointment in your armpits instead of your regular antiperspirant.


As mentioned already one of manuka oil’s best qualities is its antibacterial effects. It kills the bacterium that causes acne, body odour and a host of other skin issues.

A tube of ManukaRx skin repair ointment really is the perfect addition to a natural first aid kit.


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