Don’t leave home without a tube of ManukaRx

ManukaRx® ointment is so useful for so many things, it’s ideal to keep in your handbag, briefcase or school bag. And don’t forget the glove box or backpack. A fantastic multi-tasker, it means you’re prepared for everything and everything!

Manuka in every handbag

Bites and stings

Manuka oil is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. If mosquitoes find you when you’re at the beach or out in the bush, apply a little ManukaRx ointment to avoid infection and calm the itching and irritation. This trick also works for bee stings, spider bites (the non-venomous kind) or any other irritation caused by insects.

Dry lip relief

If you’re a beach lover, runner, dog walker, skier or you work in an air conditioned building, you’ll know that lips can get dry very quickly. ManukaRx ointment is great natural skincare for lips, with a variety of soothing and moisturising ingredients. Cocoa butter, shea butter and sunflower seed oil replenish moisture to your lips, while beeswax seals it in.

Skincare for hands and nails

The skin on our hands never gets a break. Cleaning products, over-washing and day-to-day activities all strip moisture. And sometimes they can set off dermatitis. To keep your hands and cuticles healthy, apply a little ManukaRx ointment morning and night. The incredible moisturising properties of cocoa butter, as well as the replenishment from the vitamin E in the sunflower seed oil, will keep your hands smooth.

Acne spot treatment

Manuka oil has been found to inhibit growth of the bacteria that cause acne. Spot application of ManukaRx ointment lessens irritation and inflammation, while treating the cause of the acne and preventing future breakouts. Take it from us, we’ve heard some great ‘my spots have gone!’ stories.

Skin chafing, cuts or skin irritation

Paper cuts at work, chafing when out walking, patches of dermatitis from chemicals - they all deserve the ManukaRx touch. As well as the special anti-infection qualities of manuka oil, ManukaRx ointment contains turmeric oil help lessen skin irritation. Beeswax forms a protective barrier, helping to prevent scars from forming.



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  • I find it very good fo my skin. I got this terrible rash on my foot which i tried using every sort of remedy n it doesnt work n when i use manukaRX on it it just dissapear in 3days. Thanks manuka ointment.

    Malua Misikea

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