East Cape Manuka Oil Featured on Hyundai Country Calendar

The East Cape region of New Zealand is now becoming well-known for the high-quality products that are produced from the manuka plant specific to the region.


The world is fast catching onto the benefits of manuka oil, thought to be 1,000 times more potent than high-rated manuka honey — which is already well established for its healing benefits.  


Recently, this abundant manuka region was featured on Hyundai’s Country Calendar where our East Cape Manuka Oil is made. It tells the humble story of manuka, once despised as a “pest”, but now sought after by many as the seemingly endless health and home benefits are unlocked. 


Mighty Mānuka | Hyundai Country Calendar | Episode 11 | 2020 | TVNZ

More importantly, the episode tells the stories of a local life now booming with opportunity that is providing ample and diverse work to locals and bringing home residents who once left to search for work in the cities. 

Now, manuka oil is driving growth and is a major contributor to the East Coast economy.

Manuka harvesting has become an economic lifeline to the East Coast, allowing land owners and locals to actually work the land they call home. Decades past, the manuka plant was often bulldozed and cleared to make space for grazing land for cattle and sheep. But it always grew back to the frustration of the farmers. They didn’t see the potential of manuka at the time, even if it was used for centuries by Maori healers to cure an extensive array of ailments. 

At first, manuka oil began as a project by enthusiasts interested in discovering  more uses for manuka than just the rich and sought after honey. Since, it has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise over the past 30 years. And that means more work for those who call East Cape home.

Originally the focus was creating employment options for the people that are living here in this community. So thirty years on, we are still putting food on the tables here.” 

The community, and its people, are important to the farms and the production of manuka oil. But it’s also its most important resource and the key to the success of manuka. 

The most important resource that we have is our people, and our lands, and if we can’t offer them something to come home to then they’ll stay in the cities, but we want our people to come home.

The ever-expanding possibilities for manuka continues to grow. From it's antibacterial and antifungal properties, to antimicrobial resistance, science backed research has only touched the surface of the potential holistic health benefits found in East Cape manuka oil.

The mighty manuka is also bringing jobs that up-skill the workers, helping provide growth and stability to a small rural community in New Zealand. East Cape manuka oil is now one of the fastest growing and highest in-demand industries, and the possibilities seem endless for the region.

The mighty manuka, once thought of as a weed, is now the beating heart of the East Cape and an amazing resurgence of opportunity for locals — helping people to come home.

Here at ManukaRx, we're proud to support this East Cape community by infusing East Cape manuka oil into all of our natural, New Zealand made skincare products. 

And with every product purchase you make, you'll be supporting this wonderful community too, helping to provide even more work in this remote part of the country whilst benefiting from the incredible anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties found in "nature's miracle" oil. 

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