Here’s What You Need To Know About: Hemp Seed Oil

Want to know more about the amazing hemp plant, what hemp and hemp seed oil can be used for, and how it can revolutionise your natural skincare? Read on to find out all about hemp seed oil!
Hemp Seed Oil

About Hemp and Hemp Seed

    Hemp is one of the most versatile plants imaginable. For thousands of years, humans have turned hemp matter into a fibre, which then makes everything from fabric and textiles to rope and insulation. The seeds and oil are used in cooking and brewing, natural medicines, even paint. The plant is fast-growing, which makes it an ideal product for consumers with an eye on sustainability. Hemp has historically had a difficult time developing as a mainstream crop due to its connection to marijuana.

    We know what you're wondering - how is hemp different to its close and controversial cousin? In a basic sense, Cannabis is the species and hemp and marijuana are separate strains. Marijuana contains THC (a psychoactive compound), where hemp contains much lower levels of THC and cannabidiol, which actively counters the effects of THC. So ingesting or using hemp products will not produce any form of a marijuana-like 'high'.

    How Hemp Seed Oil is Made

    Hemp seed oil is a cold-pressed oil that is rich in nutrients and fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6. It also contains oleic acid and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), which may possibly have an impact on hormone health and help to balance symptoms of PMS.

    Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant, not the leaves. Oil extracted from the leafy plant matter is known as CBD oil or cannabidiol oil.

    Why You Should Use Hemp Seed Oil

    Thanks to the high-levels of omega oils, hemp seed oil is a good alternative for fish oil, so vegans take note. It's also rich in zinc, B vitamins, copper, zinc, vitamin D and E. Hemp seed oil is moisturising and lightweight, so may help to soothe dry skin without causing breakouts. It has anti-inflammatory properties, so a few drops may help to ease irritated or red skin.

    Hemp seed oil also contains stearic acid, a natural cleanser found in many skin care products. Stearic acid has a soap-like quality which helps to lift dirt and oils without drying your skin.

    How to Use Hemp Seed Oil

    Add a few drops to a cotton pad and use it as a gentle make-up remover, or add a tablespoon to your hair between your shampoo and conditioner and leave for 10 minutes. This quick mask can help with scalp health and dry skin.

    Adding hemp seed oil to your daily skincare routine may help to ease the symptoms of acne. It's of a similar composition to our natural skin oil or sebum, so won't clog pores or encourage excess oil production.

    ManukaRx East Cape Mānuka & Hemp Seed Skin Oil is a cleansing and energising oil that will help your skin to regenerate. With the cleansing powers of hemp seed and the antibacterial properties of East Cape Mānuka Oil, this oil blend is a must for your skin.

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