Here's What You Need To Know About: Manuka Oil

East Cape Manuka Oil/Leptospermum Scoparium

Here's What You Need To Know About: Manuka Oil

  • About the manuka plant

The manuka tree is a shrubby, evergreen plant that is native to New Zealand. Manuka grows throughout Aotearoa and is a pioneering plant - one of the first to grow on cleared land and provides shelter and protection for young saplings. Manuka is also known as tea-tree and is from the same species as the well-known Australian tea-tree. Let's not let our neighbours take the glory - studies have shown that East Cape manuka oil is 20-30 times more active than Australian tea tree oil against gram-positive bacteria.

  • How manuka oil is made

The manuka used in ManukaRx products grows both wild and in nurseries along the remote East Cape of New Zealand. The location of the plant is essential - the potent antibacterial properties of manuka oil directly correlate to the numbers of triketones found within the plants biological make-up. East Cape manuka oil has exceptionally high numbers of triketones compared to elsewhere in New Zealand, making it stronger against bacteria.

Local whanau harvest the manuka used in ManukaRx manuka oil, which is steam distilled in Te Araroa. 800kgs of manuka branches and leaves create 2kgs of pure oil, so there's a strong focus on sustainable practices and building a business that will provide for future generations.

  • Why you should use manuka oil

Is there anything manuka oil can't do? Adding a few drops of manuka oil to your daily routine could be a game-changer. Manuka oil is naturally antibacterial, so it will help to kill unwanted bacteria and keep skin clean. These antibacterial properties make it a useful tool in the fight against acne. It will help to both keep skin fresh and prevent breakouts, and keep acne wounds free from harmful bacteria. Keeping acne clean and free from bacteria will also help to keep scaring at a minimum.

Manuka oil also helps to moisturize and repair damaged skin, so can be used on grazes, cuts or wounds. It's gentle enough for delicate newborn skin, so why not try a balm on nappy rash?

  • How to use manuka oil

Manuka oil is easy to use. A few drops of oil on your face or body moisturizer is a simple way to incorporate manuka oil into your everyday routine. Adding some to a warm bath is an excellent way to keep your skin hydrated, and ease any back or body acne at the same time. For those who enjoy making their skincare, a few drops of manuka to soap, moisturizer or scrubs will keep your skin clean and clear. Want to keep things simple? The ManukaRx range of skincare offers a diverse range of products, from anti-acne cleansers to natural deodorant.

The new range of ManukaRx essential oil blends. The ManukaRx Skin Oil Collection is a uniquely curated collection of organic, natural oil blends which help to protect, rejuvenate, moisturize, and repair damaged skin.

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