Innovative Foaming Facial Cleanse for Acne

Innovative Foaming Facial Cleanse for Acne image showing ManukaRx Foaming Facial Cleanser held by a woman with beautiful clear skin.

Introducing a NEW addition to the ManukaRx family - our innovative Foaming Face Wash for Acne!

Does your acne make you feel self-conscious?

Do you use social media filters & editing apps to hide what's really going on with your skin?

Struggling to win the battle ?

Our NEW Foaming Face Wash helps with the prevention of acne & pimples and targets blemishes at the source - not just the symptoms.

And it's the only filter you need. 

Innovative Foaming Facial Cleanse for Acne

 It's natural, soap-free and gently cleanses your skin.

With regular use, it helps with the prevention of acne while removing the build-up of excessive oils. With East Cape Manuka Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil to control bacteria and Chamomile Oil to soothe the skin - you know that your skin is taken care of with ManukaRx.

ManukaRx Foaming Facial Cleanser

Your face is full of bacteria – all the time. These bacteria survive and thrive by consuming sebum (oil) on your skin's surface. If your skin is producing too much sebum and you aren't using antibacterial products, acne and pimples develop.

There's a reason why conventional acne treatments help in getting rid of pimples in the short term: They're often filled with harsh chemicals.

These chemicals like salicylic acid strip the skin of vital oils and tend to damage your skin's protective barriers. Worse, they can exacerbate acne and pimples in the long run.

You need plant-based products that nourish the skin and work with it instead of against it to help you in getting rid of pimples. Plus, if you already avoid salicylic acid, your products may not contain any antibacterial ingredients which are crucial for fighting acne.

Which is why our NEW Foaming Face Wash for Acne is exactly what you need to tackle your acne: it's natural, gentle yet effective and gets to work dealing with the underlying problem, not just what you see on the surface.

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