Kiwi corporate Christmas gift ideas your customers and staff will love

When sourcing the perfect corporate Christmas gift, you want something that makes you stand out from the crowd. You also want a gift that gets used and is intrinsically and undeniably Kiwi.

The right gift is inexpensive, but at the same time likeable. It helps to keep customers and employees loyal because every time they use it, they will (happily) be reminded of you. To save you some thinking, we’ve come up with some good ideas. Check out this list:

ManukaRx ointment

ManukaRx for Corporate gifts

Made with NZ native manuka oil, this ointment is something different, uniquely Kiwi and incredibly useful. With loads of protective, moisturising ingredients, it can be used for almost anything to do with skin care or repair. It’s great as a lip balm and cuticle cream; it’s a natural antibiotic for cuts and scrapes; it makes itchy bites less itchy; and it helps wounds to heal without scars.

You can give ManukaRx ointment to men, because it doesn’t look too feminine. You can give it to women who want an all-purpose ointment to keep in their handbag. You can give it to parents who need a natural, plant-based healing product for their children. You can give it to billionaires, who get bitten by mosquitoes, just like the rest of us.

Branded chocolate

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate? We can’t think of a single person.  Find some locally made artisan chocolates, repackage with a branded wrapper and present beautifully for a stunning and always-appreciated gift.

Packets of seeds

Kiwis’ love affair with the ¼ acre pavlova paradise may have changed, but we all still enjoy growing something, even if it is just strawberries in a pot on the deck. Delight your customers with branded seeds for the summer garden. Whether you choose ravishing radishes, hot chillies or glorious sunflowers, try to find a way to tie the plant to your marketing. Then you’ll truly have the gift that keeps giving!


OK, it’s been done once or twice before, but it is always a winner. Consider buying a cleanskin bottle and getting your own label printed to make the wine a talking point. You can even personalise the bottles to each client’s personality. “A vibrant, loud cabernet with feisty spiciness…” for example.

Presenting the wine gift in a cooler bag is an added bonus, because the bag will be used again and again. This is a great way to have your brand show up at a few barbecues over the festive season.


A staple of everyone’s cupboard, tea is as Kiwi as fish and chips. Look for organic, locally-grown tea and give a delicate green or a robust oolong, with the fresh flavours that your customers will love. Tea is a great addition to any gift box.


Support the NZ ethos of ‘reduce and re-use’ by gifting a reusable coffee cup to employees and clients. If everyone used re-usable keep cups, those takeaway coffee cups (which are not recyclable) will become a thing of the past. An elegantly branded keep-cup will bring you to mind every morning. Great given in conjunction with a box of NZ tea.

Hand soap and moisturiser

It’s not the most original of Christmas gifts, however the range of locally-made soaps and moisturisers is outstanding. Create your own combinations of naturally-fragranced and eco-positive products, then present in a branded box.

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