ManukaRx Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that every day, nine New Zealand women are diagnosed with breast cancer?

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month in New Zealand and we’re on a mission to help raise awareness for the third most common cancer type, and support those affected by breast cancer. 

ManukaRx Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To honour, support and raise awareness for this incredible initiative and cause, we’ve teamed up with Breast Cancer Foundation NZ as a Cause Related Supporter. 

From October 1st – October 9th 2021, 10% of the retail price of our Pink, Pro-Aging skincare products, will go directly to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

ManukaRx Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Your purchase, of any of our individual Pro-Aging products (Pro-Aging Day Cream, Night Cream, Skin Oil, Cream Cleanser and Eye Cream), or skincare sets (Pro-Aging Trio or Pro-Aging Ritual) will be helping to support the lives of those affected by breast cancer.

Click here to shop and support Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

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  • Marie

    My daughter is having treatment for breast cancer,so I thought i would support her by trying these she is 47 yrs old,so looking forward to my parcel,, x

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