Solve your Christmas gift problems with ManukaRx

ManukaRx for Christmas

It’s difficult to think of Christmas gift ideas that are thoughtful, original and inexpensive. But this year you’re lucky because ManukaRx ointment is on the market. It’s the one gift that everyone needs, but nobody is expecting.

Great for the men in your life

ManukaRx ointment is an ideal stocking filler for the man who has everything. The ointment is anti-bacterial, which means it’s a great for him to keep in his garage or workshop for those little cuts and scratches. Whether it’s to prevent chapped lips when sailing or fishing, or to ease the itching from a mozzie bite while out fishing or hunting, he’ll find ManukaRx truly useful.

That all-purpose ointment that every teen needs

With a tube of ManukaRx ointment, your teenager has everything they need for skin health. Made with shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax, ManukaRx is a great moisturiser for dry cuticles and a fantastic protective lip balm. But best of all, manuka oil has also been found to kill the bacteria that cause acne, making this a great spot treatment to reduce pimples, calm the skin and reduce redness. We’ve heard some amazing stories about how ManukaRx can combat acne.

A memorable corporate gift

Your clients will delight in this unique gift. Packaged attractively, ManukaRx ointment as a corporate gift is something unique that will make you stand out from the crowd. Made from natural and NZ native ingredients, this ointment shows that your business values the environment and natural health. The bright yellow tube is distinctive and will ensure your business is remembered every time ManukaRx is used.

For Mums who love using natural products

This ointment is truly a first aid kit in a tube. With the natural antiseptics turmeric oil and manuka oil, it’s great to use on children’s cuts, scrapes and abrasions. The beeswax provides a protective barrier to keep nasties out, while offering calming and anti-inflammatory qualities. And when someone in the family has trouble with insects, ManukaRx ointment is excellent for relieving the pain and itchiness of bites and stings. Finally, ManukaRx contains vitamin E from sunflower oil to help wounds heal faster with minimal scarring.

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