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Everything You Want to Know About the best Manuka Oil from New Zealand

Even many avid essential oil advocates haven't heard about the powers of NZ manuka oil. Is it safe for children? How is it made? How do you use manuka? What makes it so great? Here are all of your questions with in-depth answers. Everything you could possibly want to know about this ancient oil is right here.

by Manuka Research on April 09, 2019
Manuka leaf ready for distillation

Do you know how manuka oil is harvested and extracted?

Steam distillation is the most gentle method and is widely used for the majority of essential oil extractions, including the Manuka oil used in ManukaRx
by Manuka Research on February 20, 2019
Manuka Tree

The Manuka Plant and New Zealand’s botanical history

The Manuka tree is just one of New Zealand’s unique and unusual plants, but it is one with a secret. Manuka oil, as found in ManukaRx, is one of nature’s great healers and protectors; oil sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand is famed for its exceptionally high levels of triketones
by Manuka Research on January 23, 2019
Manuka at East Cape

The Manuka Tree

The bushy, shrubby Manuka tree is most commonly known for the golden honey created by Manuka-loving bees. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that the Manuka tree is one of New Zealand’s great protectors.
by Manuka Research on January 10, 2019