Tattoo Care: Here’s What You Need to Know to Keep Your Tats Looking Fresh

Tattoo care tattooist and young womanAfter all of that work, money, and pain, you want to make sure your tattoo stays awesome forever. There are several ways you can make sure to keep your tattoo looking as good as it did on the first day. All you need to know is the proper tattoo care.

Tattoo Care is Not Just About the First Day

You probably already know that you need to take good care of your tattoo when it’s freshly inked. You know to keep it covered so that it stays clean and free of bacteria. Skin infections are no joke. Neither is the transfer of blood onto surfaces or other people.

You should treat your tattoo like any other wound. If you find it swallowing or hurting, ice can help. Try using a Ziploc bag wrapped in a clean paper towel. You can have it on for around ten to fifteen minutes on top of your wrapped tattoo.

Products to Use for Tattoo Care

After that, it’s all about using Second Skin dressing. It should be on overnight at least, but it can be left on for as long as it’s comfortable. Three or four days is average.

What is Second Skin?

It’s a breathable barrier that will keep your tattoo protected.

Do not rip it off. It’s not a Band-Aid. Instead, stretch your body part that the tattoo is on to make it come off naturally. If while wearing it, you get some fluid inside, it can be pushed off to the side. You can puncture it so that the excess fluid can escape.

Then morning and night use a specially formulated balm or tattoo cream to reduce the risk of infection and give your skin the vitamins that it needs to help the body’s natural processes to heal faster. ManukaRx’s HHH Tattoo Care Balm is made using mānuka oil and 18 other natural ingredients that have been formulated especially for tattoo care.

Now, that’s all during the first few weeks. Did you know that two to four weeks after you get your tattoo, it can appear lighter because of the fresh skin under the scab? So don’t freak out if you look down one day and see that it has changed colours.

Keep using a balm for your tattoo care like ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm, but you don’t have to use it as often, once every couple of days after the first two weeks is fine, it will really help to retain the colour.

What about forever? Make sure to use sunblock. Let’s repeat that. Sunblock. Always. Though only after the scabbing has healed. Sunlight is the main thing that will make your tattoo fade faster than anything else.

You also need to keep your skin and yourself healthy. Your tattoo is a part of you now, and to keep it looking good means that you have to feel good.

Make Sure You Have All the Info You Need

Your tattoo artist should be a trained professional. Make sure to talk to your tattoo artist and get all the information you need to keep your tattoo looking perfect forever, if they don’t have ManukaRx HHH Tattoo Care Balm, then order it online.


  • Shelley Stringfellow

    Your body is your temple, keep your skin and yourself healthy. Use ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm, it reduces infection and helps the process of healing faster

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    Great advice! A mild soap for cleaning & a good tattoo aftercare product is key 😊

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    Make sense!

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    Love this! I have lots of ink, and lots more to do. Great info.

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    Love that you guys have come up with a tattoo balm!

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