The Do's and Don'ts of Moisturizing

We all know that moisturizing is important, but most of us are probably guilty of forgetting now and then. Make moisturizer your friend; here are tips, tricks and lessons on how to choose and use a facial moisturizer.

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Moisturizer Do's

  • Do: Work with your skin type. If you're unsure of your type, cleanse your face, pat it dry and leave it for 30 minutes. Take a good look in the mirror. Is your skin shiny with large pores? That's oily skin, so try to avoid moisturizer that includes oil (like coconut). For skin that's dry in parts, aim for a thicker and more hydrating moisturizing cream. This can include oils or butter, like shea or cocoa. For 'normal' skin, keep things basic and neutral. For combination skin, avoid using a moisturizer on the T-zone (nose and forehead). Apply a dry or normal cream to the rest. Most moisturizers are labelled with a target skin-type, so read carefully.
  • Do: Do take extra care with acne-prone skin. All skin-types have different needs and this is particularly important for acne-prone skin. Look for a moisturizer that is designed to prevent acne flair-ups, and protect against scaring. ManukaRx Moisturizing Face Cream's active ingredient is East Cape Manuka Oil. Manuka oil has antibacterial properties which can keep skin clean and clear from acne-causing bacteria, and also aids skin as it repairs and heals.
  • Do: Do read the ingredients, especially when choosing a cream for sensitive skin. The fewer ingredients the better, especially if you're interested in keeping skincare as clean and natural as possible. Here are a few tips on how to transition to clean skincare.
  • Do: Do it! Hydrated skin is happy and healthy skin so moisturize day and night. Make it part of your daily routine. Apply straight after cleansing and before skin dries. Find out more about creating a daily routine here.

Moisturizer Don'ts

  • Don't: Don't be tempted to skip moisturizing if you have oily skin. It will have the opposite effect as your skin amps up the oil to avoid becoming dehydrated. 
  • Don't: Don't forget about sun protection. Look for a moisturizer with at least 30SPF, or include one in your routine.   
  • Don't: Don't follow your nose. Leave the sweet scents to the body lotions - fragrances are a common irritant for sensitive skin. 
  • Don't: Don't forget your neck! While there are neck moisturizing products, add a minute to your routine and apply moisturizer to your neck and decolletage. You'll thank us later.

The combination of East Cape Manuka Oil and natural plant-based ingredients in ManukaRx Moisturizing Face Cream hydrates and nourishes, leaving you with healthy glowing skin. ManukaRx products are available in select stores, or online.

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