The number one handy thing to have in your handbag

Females famously carry a lot of stuff in their handbags. They do it for good reason. You never know what might come in handy. Kitchen sink anyone? As the boy scouts say, ‘be prepared’ is the underpinning philosophy for handbag equipment.

Womens handbag contents

Amidst the bumph, there will usually be things for minor medical emergencies. Like paracetamol and sticking plasters. Only in a few rare cases will you find a whole first aid kit.

But what if you could carry a first aid kit in a tube?  

ManukaRx® ointment is a Kiwi invention that can perform several first aid tasks. Because it contains manuka oil, which is an effective antibacterial, it can be used to help healing & prevent the spread of bacteria.  Burst blisters from wearing a new pair of shoes for too long, for example. Or a cat scratch obtained after patting a friend’s grumpy Persian.

You could even use it as a pimple preventative because manuka oil is an antibacterial.

The ointment can also be used to soothe and moisturise cracked heels, which can be painful and potentially allow harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream through the cracks.

One more thing - ManukaRx® ointment is brilliant as a lip balm, especially if lips are cracked or chafed.  It’s shiny, so doubles as lip gloss.

As well as manuka oil, ManukaRx® ointment contains castor seed oil, sunflower seed oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter.[1] These ingredients are all proven emollients that help to protect the skin’s barrier function. This brings us to two more uses for ManukaRx®: A hand cream and cuticle conditioner

You only need a pea-size blob of the ointment to moisturise your hands. You can also rub the ointment into your cuticles, to keep them soft and flexible. 

If you only buy one piece of handbag equipment this year, make it ManukaRx® ointment. It’s a multi-tasker that will truly earn the space it occupies in your purse.



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