Treating eczema naturally

Eczema is a very common condition. Also known as atopic dermatitis, it’s an inflammation of the skin that causes itchiness and an unsightly red rash. Blisters, itching, and swelling can occur, with varying levels of intensity. Causes of eczema include allergies, genetic predispositions, slow blood flow and chemical irritants. Exact origins are often hard to identify, which can be frustrating for sufferers. In children particularly, the itching can cause scratching and bleeding, which leads to scarring.

Manuka Rx Ointment a natural treatment for eczema

How is it treated?

There are a variety of treatments available. A doctor can prescribe creams and ointments to reduce inflammation and relieve itching. Regular bathing, avoidance of harsh soaps, use of prescribed moisturisers, cortisones, steroids and immunosuppressants can all be utilised to help treat eczema. Oil-based moisturisers are often recommended for twice daily application.

Natural moisturisers

ManukaRx® is packed full of healing, moisturising oils, making it ideal for eczema treatment. It contains sunflower seed oil, which is rich in vitamin E, known for healing and skin regenerating properties. Another important ingredient is beeswax, which is anti-viral, antii inflammatory, and antibacterial. It seals in the moisture into skin, yet is non-comedogenic, without blocking pores. ManukaRx also contains castor seed oil, tribenhenin, cocoa butter, shea butter and calendula flower oil. All these have amazing natural moisturising, soothing and healing properties.

Turmeric oil and manuka oil: the powerhouses of ManukaRx

Turmeric oil has anti-inflammatory properties, found to be as effective as cortisones. It increases blood flow, which helps to aid healing. It also has antimicrobial effects, inhibiting growth of bacteria. This is the perfect accompaniment to manuka oil. With potent antimicrobial properties, manuka oil assists in keeping the skin clean and clear of bacteria. It also has cicatrisant properties, which help to heal damaged skin.

If you are uncomfortable using steroids and hydrocortisones long term, or simply want to try a natural alternative, ManukaRx may help. With a power-packed list of natural ingredients that soothe, heal, and prevent infection, it may be just what your skin is waiting for.



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