Why Cleansing Is The Most Important Part of Your Skincare Routine

Why Cleansing Is The Most Important Part of Your Skincare Routine

Cleansing is essential for healthy skin, removing dirt and allowing skincare products to work effectively, leading to better hydration and overall skin health.
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Wondering why cleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine? What about the serums, skin masks, and skin oils that we can use for great looking skin? Well, as it turns out, all of the skincare treatments in the world can be all for naught if you are cleansing your skin properly! We know, making it a point of washing your face when you get home from a long day at work, a gym workout, or a night out with the girls can seem like such a hassle sometimes. But not cleansing your face daily, especially when you’ve been out and about, can put a halt or reverse any progress to your skin health no matter what products you use. Here’s why.

Life Throws a Lot At Us, Don’t Leave it On

Every day of our lives we are exposed to millions of kinds of bacteria, varying levels of environmental pollution, daily stresses, sweat and grime build-up and more. Have you ever just felt blah after a long day and just need a hot bath? On one hand, that’s just a super relaxing way to end a day. But on the other hand, that blah feeling of our body is our skin letting us know it has a lot of life caked onto it and can’t breathe. All-day long dirt, grime, and oil accumulate, and that’s on top of any kind of makeup we might use. After a 12hr day, you could be walking around with a buffet of bacteria and buildup. Yuck, right? Making sure to even briefly wash your face when you get home from work or a night out on the town will remove dirt and oil that can cause sudden breakouts and other skin issues.

Cleansing Will Help Skincare Products Work Better

If you aren’t cleansing, you’re wasting your money! When you cleanse your skin properly, it helps rid the dermal layers of dead skin build-up and cleans out pores and hair follicles of debris and oil. If you aren’t cleansing daily, it’s most likely that the skincare products you are using, no matter how effective they are said to be, aren’t working to their full extent. Utilising a natural cleanser that exfoliates and an anti-bacterial face wash that cleans deep will allow other skin oils and moisturisers to be absorbed and do the job they have promised.

You’ll Increase Your Skin Hydration Dramatically

Properly hydrated skin is one of the key steps in achieving peak skin health, and a key step to hydrated skin is cleansing! If washing and cleansing haven’t been a top priority in your daily skincare routine, there’s a good possibility that your hydrating creams and oils are getting absorbed. By scrubbing away dead skin cells you’ll open up the top dermal layers for the hydrating creams to penetrate deep and get those skin cells wonderfully nourished. As we age this is even more important because our body’s natural ability to shed dead skin cells slows, so cleansing will help new skin cell turnover leading to a healthier skin barrier. 

Find a Great Cleansing Combo Fit For Your Skin

Image of the Rejuvenating Ritual

You might be asking yourself what is a good skin cleanser to add to your skincare routine? When it comes to cleansing your skin, it’s equally important for what you’re using for cleansing. Oftentimes over-the-counter cleansing treatments that target specific skin challenges potentially cause skin issues to arise in other areas. Some acne treatments might clear up the skin but leave it dried out and irritated. Some exfoliating cleansers could be too rough and leave your skin inflamed and sensitive. It’s important to find the right balance. 

Two Phenomenal Cleansing Products To Try

Our two products, the Soothing Cream Cleanser and Foaming Face Wash, tick all of the boxes for an effective yet gentle cleansing regimen to help clear your skin and nourish deep while having the added antibacterial power of East Cape mānuka oil. 


Foaming Face Wash For Clearer Skin

Image of the Foaming Face Wash

With the Foaming Face Wash, you’ll discover a gentle yet deep-cleansing face wash that doesn’t strip away essential oils from the skin and helps remove build-up effectively to reduce breakouts. If clearer skin is your goal, you can finally achieve that by tackling breakouts at the source to have soft and smooth fortified skin. Before bed wet your face, massage the foaming facewash in, rinse with warm water, and pat your face dry. 

Soothing Cream Cleanser For Rejuvenating Skin

Image of the Soothing Cream Cleanser

Our Soothing Cream Cleanser works wonders when it comes to cleansing and hydrating, with the revitalising benefits of rosehip oil. Packed with powerful antioxidants, protective vitamins and essential fatty acids, it works to wash away everyday grime and boost your skin’s barrier function with evening primrose. With the added probiotics, your skin will retain moisture better leading to more hydrated and softer skin that retains its elasticity and youthful appearance. Morning and night, simply wash your face wish warm water, massage the cream cleanser into the skin, and rinse with warm water.

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