Why Manuka Oil should be a part of your scar repair plan

It takes just one trip, slip or fall to find yourself with an unwanted scar, but including a moisturising oil may help to ease the long-term effects, especially manuka oil.

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Scars - we all have some. Yes, they may remind of us overcoming hard times, silly decisions or badly lit stairways, but we still may want them to be somewhat less visible. Whether you choose to embrace your scars or try to bolster the scar healing process, Manuka Oil and the ManukaRx Manuka Oil range is a useful addition to your both your scar healing and every-day skincare routine.

Why is this common New Zealand native plant such a helpful tool?

Because of the oils high levels of triketones (a molecule), which boost the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of the essential oil.

Manuka trees harvested from the East Cape of New Zealand has exceptional levels of triketones compared to the rest of the country. The oil distilled from the East Cape trees has proven to be 20-30 times more active against certain types of bacteria than Australian Tea Tree Oil.

While it may sound scientific, this discovery is not new. Maori have used the Manuka tree for hundreds of years and included it in their arsenal against coughs, colds and fever. They also used it to help heal wounds and to treat scalds and burns but it was the European invention some 20 years ago that enabled the process of leaf into manuka oil.

Manuka oil aids scar healing or cell regeneration, which helps the skin to repair and heal by forming scar tissue. By treating this scar tissue with care, it’s possible to reduce the appearance of scarring. Such assistance doesn’t need to be complicated - in fact, the key is to keep the skin moist.

  • Adding a few drops of ManukaRx 100% Pure East Cape Manuka Oil to coconut oil makes a great natural daily moisturiser.
  • ManukaRx Dry Skin Healing Oil is a gentle solution for sensitive skin. When used in combination with exfoliating, cleansing and drying the face, Manuka Oil will help to keep skin hydrated, and to prevent the spread of spot-causing bacteria.
  • Keep in mind that scars change over time, and it may take months for them to appear as they will remain. For many, the appearance won't change without medical intervention. 

ManukaRx helps to bring the nurturing Manuka plant into the modern healthy home. The ManukaRx range of natural skin care products includes cleansing soap, acne products, natural deodorants and multi-tasking balms. Available online, or in a variety of stockists throughout New Zealand.

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