Why You Should Try Mānuka Oil As Part Of Your Acne Skincare Routine

Are you looking for a natural aid for acne prevention? Here’s why Mānuka oil should be an essential part of your daily skincare ritual.

Why You Should Try Mānuka Oil As Part Of Your Acne Skincare Routine image showing ManukaRx Ultimate Blemish Control Routine products.

You can run, but you can’t hide from acne. A 2015 study found acne to be the eighth most common disease in the world, with approximately 85% of teenagers experiencing symptoms at some stage. Creating a treatment plan depends on whether your acne (or that of a loved one) is mild, moderate or severe; many cases will require medical treatment. However, mānuka oil for acne can be a helpful assistant when it comes to preventing outbreaks and assisting skin recovery.

Acne appears when hair follicles are blocked by a buildup of dead skin cells and oil and are most frequently found on the face, back and chest. Some factors thought to contribute to the creation of acne include:

  • hormones
  • medication
  • diet
  • stress

However, one of the biggest - and most unavoidable - factors is genetics. As it’s impossible to change our genes, those who suffer from acne instead focus on preventing flare-ups and healing breakouts to avoid scarring.

Adopting a low-sugar diet, embracing an acne-friendly skincare routine, changing to water-based products and avoiding picking or squeezing the inflamed areas may all help to lessen symptoms, and in some cases, using natural essential oils such as 100% East Cape Mānuka Oil for acne can be a helpful aid.

Australian Tea Tree oil is commonly associated with acne prevention and healing. However, when comparing Mānuka oil for acne with Australian tea tree oil, studies show that mānuka is 20-30 times more active against gram-positive bacteria. Mānuka sourced from the East Cape in New Zealand is famed for its exceptionally high levels of triketones. Triketones boosts the mānuka oils antimicrobial properties, making it more effective against bacteria and microorganisms.

Native to New Zealand, the oil sourced from the mānuka tree has been used by Māori healers for generations, and remains a much-revered part of Kiwi first aid kits. Both MānukaRx East Cape Manuka Skin Oil and MānukaRx Blemish Oil can be beneficial when used as part of an anti-acne skincare routine. MānukaRx Acne Healing Oil uses a unique blend of natural ingredients to aid the prevention of acne, and assist in the healing of scars.

The combination of natural plant-based active ingredients such as mānuka oil, turmeric oil, lavender oil and jojoba oil will leave your skin glowing and healthy. It’s easy to use, massage 2-3 drops into the affected area morning and night. 

Our Ultimate Blemish Control Routine includes four of our plant-powered mānuka oil products and is perfect for all blemish sufferers. Buy it online today!

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