Want to be a ManukaRx® Affiliate?

 We’re looking for inspirational individuals who have a commitment to natural products, health, wellness and interest in natural skincare. We’re excited about our potential partnership and want to share the ManukaRx brand and product with you.

We want to help you succeed, inspire and grow your community by offering you the opportunity to contribute to our blog content and social media.

 Overall, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to help our combined communities solve skin issues and complaints. We are fast growing New Zealand skincare profile on social media, up-and-coming natural brand using New Zealand manuka oil. Through helpful content and imagery and (of course) our ManukaRx product has a fast growing online community because we’re focused on our content and natural skin repair for our followers. We’re thrilled to have your interest!

 How does it work?

We understand that appealing to your audience, staying relevant and keeping them engaged through great content and giveaways is important. To ensure you always have the inside scoop, you will be the first to know about upcoming promotions .Becoming a ManukaRx® Affiliate means we also provide you with different methods of sharing our product, content and special offers (such as imagery, etc). Simultaneously, you’ll make a profit and be able to expand the reach of your own community by accessing ours.

When posting about ManukaRx  on your social media sites, outgoing email or blog simply use your affiliate link or promo code to receive a commission on the sales you drive resulting from your code.

 It’s not all about us though! We’d love for you to share your experiences, content and news with us so we can let our community know about the amazing things that you’ve been up to.  

Sound good? Complete the form at this link here and we’ll be in touch shortly regarding your application.