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Can I use it on my lips

ManukaRx® Ointment is ideal for lips if you want to help heal or soothe inflamed, chapped or dry skin.

Is it a moisturiser?

ManukaRx® Ointment helps the skin retain its own moisture which stops it from drying out. But the main benefits are the healing qualities of the natural ingredients used in the preparation of the product.

 Where can I buy or try it

You can only buy ManukaRx® Ointment online. If you would like to try a sample  (free shipping) go to our sample page here.

 Can I become a distributor in my country?

ManukaRx® ointment has only been released in the New Zealand market and is due for release in other markets early in 2018.  You can register your interest as an affiliate by emailing us at and we can keep you updated of opportunities in your area.

What if it doesn't seem to work?

ManukaRx® takes longer to work on some people than it does on others. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for the ointment if you are not happy with it. In effect, there is no risk on your part to go ahead and try it.

Why should I buy your ointment over more established and cheaper options?

Good question. ManukaRx® Ointment includes a high proportion of highest grade New Zealand East Cape Manuka oil. It also combines shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax as carriers, and these are more expensive and sustainable than petroleum based products. Very little ManukaRx® Ointment is needed as it does the work of three other ointments so it can be better value than other brands.

How do I use it?

Using your finger, gently rub in the amount needed to cover the area to which it needs to be applied. Do this as regularly as needed.

What do I use it for?

ManukaRx® Ointment is the go-to in the home first aid kit for any skin condition including bruises, cuts, cracked heels, blemishes, bites, burns, rashes, scarring, acne, cold sores

It can also be used as a general moisturising balm and kept in the handbag, car, boat, backpack, travel bag, in fact anywhere where it is easy to find and use as a first defence.

Is it safe to put in my mouth?

We wouldn’t recommend ‘eating’ it, but using it in your mouth for ulcers, bleeding gums, etc. should be fine. We know of no problems using the ointment this way.

Are the ingredients natural?

Yes - we don’t use synthetic ingredients or anything that doesn’t contribute to the actual effectiveness of the ointment.

What does it smell like?

Manuka oil has a distinct smell which is diluted with our other ingredients. Some of our people took a short time to get used to the smell, others loved it straight away. Since, for most people, it is a pleasant enough smell, we see no reason to cover it up completely; it is after all an ointment.

Are there any known risks?

There are currently no known risks associated with the use of the ointment. However, should anything be brought to our attention, we will be sure to list them. We would advise you to take note of the ingredients and your own body's sensitivities, however.

Is it safe to use on my baby?

Yes - we have seen no adverse side-effects for its use on any age, gender, or species.

Can I use it on my pet?

This shouldn’t be a problem. We have used it on our pets to no adverse effects and seen good results.

Are there different sizes available?

At the moment, we are only offering the 25ml tube with no plans to change as we think the tube is the most all-round easy to access package for our ointment for any location. If we change our mind please follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the most up to date news and information.

How this product is different to those using petroleum jelly based products?

ManukaRx® products are made using plant based natural products. Petroleum jelly can’t be metabolized by the skin and just sits as a barrier until it wears off. This means that the body isn’t able to gain any benefit from petroleum jelly (like it can from nutrient rich substances like Shea butter or cocoa butter), and there is concern that some of the components (like hydrocarbons) may be stored in fat tissue within the body.

Because of the barrier that mineral oil/petroleum jelly creates on the skin, there is also some concern about its potential to cause collagen breakdown (which is the opposite of what most women want!).

Essentially, the concern is that when petroleum jelly coats the skin it blocks the skin’s natural ability to breathe and absorb nutrients. This can slow the cell renewal process and cause the skin to pull the necessary moisture and nutrients from within; leading to collagen breakdown over time (aka wrinkles!).

I've got more questions...

No problem. We'd love to hear from you. Feel free to check out our 'Important Information' and FAQ below and, if your question cannot be answered there, then contact us via the email address at the bottom of this page and we'll do our best to help you in any way we can.

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