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ManukaRx FREE Sample pay $1.95 shipping

ManukaRx Natural Skin Ointment Our extraordinary New Zealand ManukaRx™ natural skin ointment is a must-have for any home first aid kit, backpack, glove-box.

This natural ointment contains manuka oil which is known to have unique natural properties that make it ideal to soothe skin irritations.

What Makes Our Manuka Ointment So Amazing?
ManukaRx™ provides gentle, yet powerful support to your body's natural ability. This specially formulated natural skin care ointment contains a comprehensive blend of ingredients which encourage healing.

    A FREE sample of ManukaRx® Ointment. Just pay $1.95 shipping (New Zealand only)

    Made using beeswax, manuka oil and turmeric oil and a few other oils that are great for your skin, ManukaRx® Ointment should be the go to product in your handbag or first aid kit for all minor skin problems including dry and chapped lips, preventing acne, and moisturising scars and bruises. It's made from all natural products and formulated using manuka's unique antibacterial properties combined with beeswax. 

    Beeswax has an amazing story; worker bees create six-sided honeycomb cells to store honey. After the honey is harvested, the wax is melted and purified by the honey company.  We use beeswax because this natural, and it is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t block or clog the skin's pores. It forms a protective, but breathable layer, on the skin surface that provides a barrier to moisture loss, naturally assisting the skin natural healing and helping to prevent scarring

    Try the ointment, it's 4g but enough to see what you think.

    Currently samples are only available for shipment to a New Zealand address.

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