3 Incredible Skincare Products For Mature Skin

We can’t turn back time or stop the clock on aging, but we definitely can look phenomenal as we age and slow down its effects. There is plenty that can be done with our skincare routine that will enable us to age more gracefully and to keep our skin looking youthful no matter what the approaching birthday number tells us!

3 Incredible Skincare Products For Mature Skin blog image with an elegant mature woman applying anti-aging face cream in the mirror using ManukaRx Pro-Aging Day Cream.

Ready to revolutionise your skincare routine for unbelievable looking and feeling skin in your 50s, 60s and beyond? We have just the skincare secrets you need.

What happens to our skin as we age?

Dry skin, age marks, wrinkles and lines oh my! All of these effects and more are signs of aging skin, but how can we prevent our skin from failing the test of time and fortify it for the future?

First, we have to understand WHY this happens to our skin to be able to address these issues. 

Collagen is the Key for Healthy Mature Skin

As we age, our skin loses elasticity. That’s a fact. But the variable we can control is how much elasticity our skin loses. Or better put, how much our skin keeps its elasticity. 

Collagen is what gives our skin its “pep” or ability to snap back into place, basically preventing the appearance of lines and wrinkles by staying tight to form. It’s a form of protein found in our entire body from our skin, muscles, tendons, bones, organs and pretty much everything else. So yes, it’s very important. 

As time ticks on, our skin can lose this elasticity due to lower collagen production mostly from a poor diet and how we take care of our bodies when we are younger. High consumption of vitamin C and a healthy intake of zinc both come from a vibrant diet filled with fruits and veggies and are minerals collagen needs to produce. 

So to help keep the skin bright and vibrant, eat bright and vibrant!

Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate Some More

One of the biggest culprits of stealing years away from our skin is bad hydration. Our body struggles in later years to keep hydrated and to keep moisture locked in, so it’s incredibly important to factor this into any lifestyle habit and skincare routine. 

Making sure to properly hydrate daily will help drastically, but also choosing skincare products that will give a helping hand to our skin to stay hydrated better is important. 

Luckily, there are three incredible products formulated from the best nature has to offer to help you keep that youthful look with healthier and vibrant skin for longer. Or to help repair aging skin that is in serious need of some love.

Proper Skincare Every Day will Keep the Years Away 

ManukaRx Pro-Aging Trio is the key to youthful skin. A dynamic skincare trio formulated with phenomenal natural anti-aging ingredients, these products combine the unparalleled power of rosehip and mānuka to hydrate mature skin and boost collagen production while protecting it from environmental effects. 

Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A - one of the best natural ingredients to boost collagen production to retain skin elasticity. East Cape mānuka oil and its anti-bacterial superpowers protects the skin and keeps it healthy while fighting off bad skin bacteria. 

Never again will you need to use harsh chemical products that promise younger looking skin yet compromise our bodies in other ways. Our overall skin health, especially as we mature, is important to take into account and a holistic solution to a natural anti-ageing skin regimen is more important than ever. 

Mānuka and Rosehip oil for Repair and Revitalisation  

Our East Cape Mānuka and Rosehip Skin Oil is the perfect foundation for an anti-aging skincare routine. When you massage a couple drops into the skin daily, this combination penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to promote collagen production for skin elasticity and help skin cells repair.

3 Incredible Skincare Products For Mature Skin image showing ManukaRx Pro-Aging skin oil with Manuka and rosehip oil for the best anti-aging skin oil.

Rosehip is rich with retinoids and these compounds work to reduce the visibility of hyperpigmentation and aging spots. The added power of East Cape mānuka oil boosts the skin’s defences with superior antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties that will help your skin stay healthy longer. 

Day Cream with Mānuka and Rosehip for All-Day Protection

Often in our busy lives we forget that our skin is vulnerable throughout the day after our morning skincare routine. And more often than not, body lotions are used to hydrate skin but tend to clog it up or leave it greasy. Which can lead to breakouts. 

3 Incredible Skincare Products For Mature Skin image with ManukaRx Pro-Aging Night Cream for phenomenal anti-aging benefits.

ManukaRx Day Cream with Mānuka and Rosehip Oil locks in moisture throughout the day and protects the skin against the elements or any environment, all the while remaining breathable and defending your skin from anything life can throw at it.

Night Cream for the Skin of Your Dreams

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn back the clock on your skin all while you sleep? You can. ManukaRx Night Cream with Mānuka and Rosehip Oil helps to stimulate circulation in skin and promote new skin cell production to repair damaged or aging skin. The powerful antioxidant potency of kakadu plum and rosehip oil help to fight off free-radicals and brightens skin naturally.

3 Incredible Skincare Products For Mature Skin image with a mature woman in bed showing ManukaRx Night Cream for anti-aging benefits.


Want to keep you and your skin looking fantastic for years to come? Treat yourself to the rejuvenating power of our Pro-Aging Trio with East Cape mānuka oil and rosehip oil today!        

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  • Adele Claire Lowson

    Hi there I’ve bought this trio and love it.Just a question what face wash makeup remover would you recommend? Or do you sell cleanser in your range?

  • Joyce

    I really love using this product using the anti aging skin trio I am on my second bottle of oil have seen an improvement on my face already
    I had flare up of pimples and since using the Manuka brand have not had any problems when a small pimple appears it doesn’t take long before it disappears 🤩

  • Dianne Mckenzie

    Is this product available in Australia?

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