Better, Naturally.

Natural skincare made from New Zealand's East Cape Manuka Oil

Take charge of your skin health using ManukaRx products and specially formulated natural essential oil blends using 100% pure East Cape Manuka Oil from New Zealand.

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We've blended our 100% Pure East Cape Manuka Oil with a range of essential oils to create a collection of products to soothe, repair and replenish your skin.
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What Makes Manuka Oil Different?

Because they're ultra-concentrated, essential oils are a great way to harness the powers of plants.

Every essential oil has its own unique chemical compound making it beneficial for specific applications.

Here's what makes our manuka oil unique and sets it apart from other similar oils.

  • 20 to 30 times more enzymes to help prevent the spread of bacteria than your standard tea tree oil
  • Manuka's benefits are well-researched and documented among experts in the science and health community
  • Safe to use on or around pets and babies
  • 100% pure: absolutely no chemicals or harsh practices
  • ManukaRx products and essential oil blends are specially formulated to help the body on multiple levels

Read the label. Use as directed.
ManukaRx, AucklandTAPS Approval No: NA 10157
last updated June 19 2018

Sustainably Sourced

Our Manuka oil is sustainably sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand's North Island. 

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