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Our naturally formulated moisturisers are packed with ultra-hydrating ingredients, for your healthiest and most beautiful skin yet. Achieve optimal skincare results by incorporating a nourishing natural moisturiser into your daily ritual.

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Restorative Trio
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Firming Day Cream
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Nourishing Night Cream
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Dream Cream Duo
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Clearing Face Cream
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Daily Glow Brightening Cream
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Moisturisers Your Skin Will Love

Experience the power of ManukaRx moisturisers, designed to strengthen and protect your skin's natural moisture barrier and give you glowing, beautiful skin. Explore formulations tailored to your skin type and concerns to find your perfect daily facial moisturiser.

Best for normal skin and dry skin

The Firming Day Cream and Nourishing Night Cream are the two halves of our most popular moisturiser duo. These rich and soothing creams are fortified with potent yet gentle actives, including manuka oil which fights UV damage as it improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in ageing skin, and rosehip oil and sweet almond oil for their high levels of rejuvenating antioxidants and vitamins. Concerned about moisture loss and crepey skin texture? We include avocado oil and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and lock in essential moisture.

Best for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin

Our Clearing Face Cream is fortified with East Cape manuka oil, scientifically proven to have antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties to keep bad bacteria at bay while reducing redness and improving the appearance of acne scars. Want to banish breakouts while keeping your skin soft and supple? This nourishing moisturiser is hydrating enough to handle skin dryness, but light enough that it won't clog your pores.

Best for dark spots

Our Daily Glow Brightening Cream is a lightweight moisturiser designed to fade dark spots and discolouration and give you the radiant glow you deserve. Experience the synergistic powers of manuka oil and kakadu plum extract, the world's most powerful natural source of vitamin C. We also include Sarcothalia Circumcincta, an algae extract proven to deeply hydrate and retain moisture in the skin, and orange peel extract for its brightening effect.

Good to know

Every ManukaRx moisturiser is paraben-free and has been tested as safe for sensitive skin types.

We use natural, sustainable ingredients wherever possible.

Moisturiser is best applied after cleansing and putting on eye cream, but before the final face oil step of your skincare routine.