Nature's greatest safe and natural skin restorer: Mānuka oil. 

Rooted in Nature, Backed by Science.

Nature has always been a reliable source of beauty and wellness, and at ManukaRx, we believe in harnessing the power of nature through science. 

For thousands of years, one of the most incredible skincare secrets has remained hidden within the tiny leaves of the native New Zealand mānuka tree. 

Mānuka oil is scientifically proven to be 1,000 times more powerful than mānuka honey, making it one of the most potent natural skin restorers available. It helps to reduce fine lines, dark spots, and blemishes, and also supports skin healing and collagen production. 

At the heart of Mānuka oil's effectiveness are the beneficial actives called triketones.

From Seed to Skin. 

The world's most potent of Mānuka oil varieties - the highest in triketones - is grown on our very own plantations in the East Cape of New Zealand. 

Farmed, formulated and bottled locally, our entire process is sustainable, ethical and managed with care.

In our sustainable harvest we trim the mānuka trees, rather than fell them. The mānuka leaves and twigs we clip are collected fresh, and steam distilled for 5-6 hours. This process releases the oil gently, while retaining all its beneficial actives.

Ingredient Powerhouse.

The world's most potent mānuka oil is grown right here, by us. Years of research from our scientists resulted in an incredible discovery: when our mānuka oil is paired with selected natural ingredients, it further multiplies the effectiveness of our oil - as well as its partnered ingredients! 

Perfect partners: From rosehip to kakadu plum extract and more, the unique quality of ​​mānuka oil magnifies these natural power combos. Mānuka oil helps to reduce pigmentation and sensitivity, support skin healing and collagen production.