5 Ways To Keep Body Acne Away

5 Ways To Keep Body Acne Away

Struggling with persistent body acne? Discover effective solutions to achieve a clear skin complexion. Proper cleansing, utilizing an antibacterial soap, incorporating blemish-beating skincare, regular exfoliation, and changing bedding and clothing more often can make a significant difference.

Have you become utterly annoyed by a blitz of body acne invading your skin with no solution in sight on how to defeat these seemingly unbeatable body breakouts? You’re not alone. Many of us struggle with persistent body acne that keeps us baffled for solutions on how to make it disappear. And sometimes it can seem much more difficult than even facial acne to get rid of. It’s not hopeless, trust us, and we are going to explain exactly how you can keep body away for good, and how to achieve a clear skin complexion once and for all!

Cleanse Properly Morning and Evening

Clean skin is happy skin, and when you’ve got constant body acne issues, it could be a sign that your dermal layers are in distress. This can be linked to many different factors, yet a major cause of body breakouts are because you aren’t cleansing morning and night. When we sleep, our body temperature rises and our skin goes into repair mode. But this also can lead to sweat build-up while you sleep. So, even though you might wake up right as rain and thinking you should skip the shower, we recommend at least a quick one. This will help restore some moisture but also wash aways any oil, bacteria, and dirt overnight. 

This also is the case for the evening as well, so squeeze in a shower before you kick up your feet after a long day. Trust us, even a quick shower goes a long way. We recommend always showering in the evening once the daily life demands have slowed down and it’s time to relax. Our bodies encounter endless environmental stresses and effects on our skin from pollution, sweat, UV exposure, and more – and at the end of the day it’s vital to wash it all away. Adding in a natural antibacterial essential oil with your cleansers, or a few drops onto your neck area, can improve skin appearance dramatically and quickly. 

Utilise an Antibacterial Soap

Another HUGE factor, and maybe the biggest cause of body acne, is bacteria buildup. It’s not our sweat that causes body odour and breakouts, it’s the bacteria that thrives in sweat when given the chance to. And even if you’re diligent about washing after the gym, or showering morning and night to cleanse properly, you can still find that utterly annoying body acne popping up. 

An integral part of properly cleansing is also proper prevention, and normal soaps and body washes simply don’t cut it! That’s why adopting a body soap that has antibacterial-fighting benefits could be a huge improvement in reducing or eliminating body acne, and preventing it from creeping back. East Cape mānuka oil, the hero ingredient in everything we make, is the world’s most powerful antibacterial essential oil, and of course it’s exactly what makes our Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap so effective. It’s a soap that doesn’t irritate or inflame your skin, and works to kill the most stubborn bad skin bacteria on your body which will fortify your skin barrier and keep bacteria build-up at bay.  

Add Blemish-Beating Skincare to Your Routine

If you haven’t switched over to skincare specifically aimed at eliminating acne, now is that time. By incorporating skincare products created to deal with acne and bacteria will hone in on the underlying skin issues and make your morning and night skincare routine drastically more effective. 

With some of the main causes of body acne being bacteria, it’s important to think about that in your decisions for everything in your regimen from face washes, creams, oils, and more. Given East Cape mānuka oil is an packs a plant-powered punch to fight acne-causing bacteria, it’s what we use as the main ingredient in our full Blemish Control Collection that was scientifically formulated to reduce, eliminate, and prevent breakouts while still being safe to use on any skin type. 

In the kit it has a foaming face wash for deep cleansing, blemish gel to control difficult breakouts, clearing face cream that soothes and nourishes skin while killing bacteria, and a antibacterial skin oil to add a finishing touch for killing acne while reducing inflammations and improving skin defence. 

Exfoliate Your Skin for Better Results

Have you noticed your skin being dry and rough to the touch? It could be a sign that it’s time to get scrubbing. Exfoliating is a super important step, and to do often, in your skincare regimen. When dirt, oil, and dead skin cells build up, so does the acne causing bacteria. This will lead to more frequent breakouts on the body and inflamed skin. 


Exfoliating deep cleans skin and pores, while also ridding the skin barrier of dead skin cells to make way for new skin cells to form. Just make sure to choose an exfoliator for your skin type, and if you have sensitive skin, stick to a softer exfoliator. 

Change Bedding and Clothing More Often

Do you forget to change clothes after the gym or a physical activity right away sometimes? What about getting out of your work outfit after a long day? Or are you one to only wash your bedding every so often? All of these habits can be having a negative effect on your skin, and could be the reason you’re struggling to stop the body acne breakouts. 

On our clothing and our bedding, sweat and oil builds up which is a lovely environment for acne-causing bacteria to thrive. By washing your bedding regularly, and making it a habit to change your outfit at the end of the day or after a workout, you could notice a massive drop in the frequency and severity of your body acne issues. 

Take control of your body acne and try our phenomenally effective Blemish Control Collection to banish those breakouts for good!

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