Rinse and repeat: the best natural routine for acne

One of the secrets of the best natural treatments for acne is to have a consistent skin care routine. Using products that are gentle and suited to preventing acne breakouts, while also cleaning and soothing the skin, is imperative.

Best  natural acne treatment

ManukaRx products harness the power of the native manuka tree, which has been used in Maori medicines for hundreds of years. Grown, harvested and distilled in a small community on New Zealand's East Cape, Manuka Oil is a natural anti-bacterial and antimicrobial essential oil that helps to care for acne-prone skin and helps to avoid future breakouts.

This four-step routine uses natural Manuka Oil products carefully formulated for acne, and gentle enough for daily use.

  1. Cleanse - The first step is to clean and clear the skin of buildup, dirt and makeup. The ManukaRx Foaming Facial Cleanser has been developed to help gently remove buildup and soothe acne flare-ups. The antibacterial properties of Manuka oil help to prevent bacteria from returning and creating new breakouts.
  2. Exfoliate - Exfoliating helps to clear dead skin cells, which is a common aggravator of acne breakouts. Exfoliators can range in intensity. Some are better for sensitive skin, others target oily skin, so it pays to try a few. If you prefer a natural alternative, combine sugar and coconut oil with a drop or two of Manuka Oil. The general rule is one part coconut oil, two parts sugar. Rub a small amount onto skin in a circular motion for a minute, then rinse, a real natural treatment for acne.
  3. Treat - ManukaRx Acne Prevention Oil combines Manuka Oil with multiple plant-based ingredients to aid and assist the prevention of acne breakouts. Simply massage a few drops of the oil into inflamed or affected areas as part of your daily routine. You can apply the oil directly to your skin, however, those with sensitive skin may prefer to massage the oil in with a cotton ball or cloth.
  4. Moisturise - The ManukaRx Moisturising Cream is an ultra-hydrating, lightweight cream that actively helps to prevent and soothe breakouts. Daily use will assist in keeping acne and spots at bay while leaving skin glowing and healthy thanks to the combination of Manuka Oil, shea butter and more natural goodness.

But why stop there when you are looking for natural treatments for acne  Switch regular soap or body wash for the ManukaRx Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap, especially if you are prone to back acne or other breakouts. 

Manuka oil harvested from plants in New Zealand's East Cape region contains extremely high levels of triketones which boosts the oils natural antibacterial properties. The combination of East Cape Manuka Oil and natural plant-based ingredients cleans, soothes and nourishes, leaving you with healthy and glowing skin. ManukaRx products are available in select stores, or online.

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