How to Ease Inflammation and Discomfort Naturally

How to Ease Inflammation and Discomfort Naturally

Are you wondering how to ease inflammation and physical discomfort naturally? The essential oil made with East Cape Mānuka has amazing anti-inflammatory uses and benefits, here’s our guide.

What Is Inflammation?

While trying to ease the problem of  inflammation may be as easy as reaching for painkillers, altering your diet and embracing some natural aids may also help to ease discomfort.

Inflammation is the body's reaction to an unwelcome intruder, such as microbes or bacteria. When the immune system recognises a foreign presence, it triggers a chemical release from white blood cells, which travel via the bloodstream to target the specific area. This reaction can cause swelling, redness and warmth - what we recognise as inflammation. However, it is also possible for inflammation to occur without a contributing trigger.

Anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen are a common over-the-counter medicine and are often taken to lessen discomfort caused by inflammation. However, there are a wide range of natural options that will help to soothe and ease the associated redness, swelling and heat — including mānuka oil.

Why Diet is So Important 

One of the biggest inhibitors for reducing inflammation? Diet.

Replace refined carbohydrates (such as white bread), soft drinks, fried foods (sorry hot chips) and processed meats with lots of tomatoes, leafy green vegetables, nuts and oily fish (sardines, tuna) - all of which are full of anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the most common forms of inflammation is the swelling and pain that accompanies a damaged muscle. If you’ve tripped over the cat, or overdone it at the gym, then there are a few natural options to help get you back on your feet.

Care For Inflammation Naturally With Mānuka Oil 

Wrap some ice in a tea towel and apply to the area for as long as possible. Elevate for several hours (or overnight).

  • Apply some arnica, a common homoeopathic treatment with anti-inflammatory properties available in cream, oil or spray form from pharmacies and health stores.
  • Combine ten drops of ManukaRx Mānuka Skin Oil with 30mls of coconut oil and rub into the muscle. Massage is another helpful tool for easing inflammation, so take a few minutes to work on the tender area.
  • Try to keep calm and avoid rushing to carry on - stress is a contributing factor to inflammation so try to slow down and let your body heal. 

The Miracle Essential Oil — Mānuka Oil

Essential oils are helpful when it comes to easing inflammation. ManukaRx mānuka oil sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand, where the mānuka trees are famed for their high levels of triketones, has strong and antibacterial properties.

Mānuka oil remains a staple of bathroom cabinets and carry bags. Try out East Cape Mānuka Skin Oil or our handy Natural Skin Rescue Ointment for an on-the-go application.

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