How to Help Acne Scars Disappear Forever!

Our teenage years and the age of acne could have caused lasting marks on our skin, and even taking care of acne the wrong way as an adult. So how do you make acne scars disappear for good? We’ve got some recommendations to clear up your skin naturally.
Acne Scars

How to Help Acne Scars Disappear

If dealing with acne wasn't frustrating enough, this common ailment has the potential to leave lasting scars. While the spots and redness will fade, some forms of acne (cystic in particular) may leave acne scars and skin permanently damaged, especially if the surface has been broken or picked. Approximately 30% of acne sufferers will see some form of acne scars, but don't despair - here are a few ways to lessen the appearance of scarring.

Don't Touch Acne

We know. It's hard to resist touching, squeezing and picking spots and pimples. As tempting as it is, no good will come from an at-home extraction session. Squeezing spots leaves an open wound which is exposed to bacteria and at risk of infection, which increases the potential of scarring. Keep your face clean by washing both hands and face with a bar of antibacterial soap, like ManukaRx Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

    Even if your acne has cleared up, keeping up your anti-acne skincare routine will keep new breakouts at bay and give your skin a chance to heal. The active ingredient in ManukaRx products is 100% pure East Cape Manuka Oil. Manuka Oil is a natural antibacterial essential oil that is harvested and distilled in a small community on New Zealand's East Cape. Incorporating Manuka oil into your everyday routine will help to care for acne-prone skin and helps to avoid future breakouts. Try cleansing with ManukaRx Foaming Facial Cleanse for Acne, follow with ManukaRx Moisturising Face Cream, and twice-weekly, a few drops of ManukaRx Acne Prevention Oil.

    Consider Something Cosmetic For Your Acne Scars

      Some acne scars need a little more of a helping hand. Cosmetic treatments can play an essential role in fading acne scars, and options range greatly both in price and intensity. A key component in reducing the appearing of scarring is collagen, a structural protein that impacts the tightness of our skin.

      One cosmetic procedure that may help fade scarring is microneedling, which is when a roller with many small needles prickles the skin, stimulating collagen production. Microneedling generally requires a few sessions, but is pain-free and has a quick recovery time. Chemical peels are another option range. Peels range in intensity from a light exfoliation to a deeper peel where acid is used to remove dead skin and enhance collagen production. Recovery time varies accordingly.

      Using a blemish healing combination such as ManukaRx Ultimate Blemish Control Routine will keep the wound clean while aiding and assisting skin recovery while preventing future acne issues. 

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