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Manuka Oil News

Natural skin care in winter

Five natural skin care tips for glowing winter skin

As the winter chill begins to creep into the air, it's time to think about flannelette sheets, comfort food - and changing up your natural skin care routine.
by Manuka Research on June 24, 2019
Natural skincare woman

The beauty of natural skin care

The all natural skin care ManukaRx products are crafted from Manuka oil grown, distilled on the East Cape of New Zealand
by Manuka Research on June 24, 2019
Scar healing results on young woman

Why Manuka Oil should be a part of your scar repair plan

It takes just one trip or fall to gain an unwanted scar, but including a moisturising oil in the scar repair process may help to ease the long-term effects.
by Manuka Research on June 24, 2019
Tattoo Cream and tattoo Needle

Should you use a Tattoo Cream or Tattoo Balm and what is the difference?

There’s a lot of tattoo creams and balms out in the world, and it can be hard to know which to buy. Some creams and balms have similar ingredients and not all of them are helpful for your skin and your tattoo


by Manuka Research on June 24, 2019
Tattoo care for women

Tattoo Care: Here’s What You Need to Know to Keep Your Tats Looking Fresh

After all that work, money, and pain, you want to make sure your tattoo stays awesome forever. There are several ways you can make sure to keep your tattoo looking as good as it did on the first day. All you need to know is the proper tattoo care.
by Manuka Research on June 24, 2019
East Cape Manuka Oil

Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil: What You Need to Know

Most people are very familiar with tea tree oil due to its amazing antibacterial and antifungal benefits. But did you know manuka oil contains 20 to 30 times these potent antibacterial enzymes? Here's everything you need to know about manuka oil vs. tea tree oil so you can make an educated decision about your health.

by Manuka Research on June 03, 2019