5 Million Mānuka Trees Planted To Date

We have a HUGE announcement to make, and one that all of us at ManukaRx are incredibly proud of – ManukaRx has helped to plant over 5 million mānuka trees to date! You read that right, 5,000,000 trees planted on sustainable farms and plantations in the East Cape of New Zealand. Now that’s a lot of zeros! 

Here at ManukaRx, we strive to have as positive of an impact as possible while reducing our own footprint to craft this miracle oil from East Cape mānuka. That goes for all of the processes from harvesting, distillation, reducing waste, and the science-backed skincare products made without any animal testing. And of course, the astronomically exciting initiative to sustainably grow this incredible native New Zealand tree. 

As Kiwis and the rest of the world experience the vast benefits of mānuka and the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oil, the demand outgrew the ability to solely wild harvest mānuka trees. The mighty mānuka, once considered a nuisance to farmers, has now become a saving grace for remote regions like the East Cape bringing in job opportunities and pride in the region’s industry. And as this magical myrtle wins over the hearts of more people over the world, we knew we needed to manage this growth responsibly. 

Since the beginning of ManukaRx, we have always worked with local farmers and workers to produce these natural skincare solutions that stems from our very own passion for planet-friendly practices. Even if the process of delicately harvesting and the distillation can prove more time consuming and arduous than other distilled oils. Throughout the harvesting and distillation processes, no chemicals are used and even the byproducts of 15,000 liters of residual water leftover from the distillation is used as anti-bacterial hydrosol in our alcohol-free hand sanitisers. 

In the effort to keep the industry to a higher standard and productions sustainable while demand booms, ManukaRx has partnered with local farmers and landowners to plant more native mānuka trees that will be responsibly managed. And in 2022, our goal is to plant another 500,000 mānuka trees! 

These plantations will allow the trees to grow their full lifespan of 20-30 years and is a welcomed initiative by locals that will bring even more job opportunities to the region. These marvelous mānuka trees are bringing consistent job opportunities to the East Cape, provide more income for local farmers and landowners, and allow land to be utilised sustainably. So you can see exactly why we feel like gushing a bit about this massive and marvelous milestone!

At the root of all of our East Cape mānuka essential oil products is the belief that we can achieve healthier lifestyles, naturally, while also minimizing our own footprint. That the best gifts come straight from nature, and if we use these gifts, we should also take care of the planet and our communities with care. So we want to give 5 million thanks for supporting ManukaRx and keeping Earth in mind when making your skincare purchases!

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  • Ann Herod

    Their products are great for sensitive skin.
    Looking forward to new products

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