Here's What You Need to Know About: Rosehip Oil

What are the benefits and uses of rosehip and rosehip oil? We've broken down all of the amazing uses of rosehip oil for natural skincare in this quick guide!

Dog Rose Oil (Rosehip)

Rosehip Oil: Rosa Canina

About the Rosehip Plant

While all roses have rosehips or seed pods, the most common source of rosehip oil is the Beach Rose (Rosa Rugosa) or Dog Rose (Rosa Canina). Rosehip oil is very different from aromatic rose oil, which comes from the flower petals, rather than the rosehips.

How Rosehip Oil is Made

Rosehip oil is cold-pressed from rosehips — the round, fruit-like bud which contains the seeds of the rose plant. Cold pressing the oil protects and retains the nutrients naturally found in the rosehip. The pods are a common ingredient in jelly, tea and even wine.

Why You Should Use Rosehip Oil

    Rosehips are loaded with fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9), vitamin C and vitamin E. Rosehip oil has a wide variety of uses. Pregnant women often use rosehip oil on their growing baby bumps to moisturise and avoid stretch marks. While nothing is guaranteed to work on those tricky scars, massaging with rosehip oil can boost skin elasticity and collagen production. Rosehip oil is also a facial favourite. A couple of drops of rosehip oil can help to hydrate, moisturise, brighten skin and even skin tone. As the oil is rich in vitamin E, it may also have some anti-inflammatory properties, which can ease the symptoms of eczema and rosacea. Are you spending longer studying the mirror for signs of fine lines or wrinkles? A few drops of rosehip oil will help to improve skin elasticity and boost collagen, both of which can help to slow signs of aging.

    How to Use Rosehip Oil

      Rosehip oil is a gentle oil, so you can use it directly on your skin (though it always pays to do a skin test when using a new essential oil). Massage a few drops on to your face morning and night, or blend a few drops into your moisturiser to give your routine a little boost. Rub a few drops onto your growing baby bump, or just onto your skin to hydrate and strengthen. Why not try ManukaRx Pro-Aging Skin Oil - it combines the power of East Cape mānuka oil with the multiple benefits of rosehip.

      ManukaRx East Cape Mānuka and Rosehip Skin Oil is a unique blend that helps to ease fine lines and wrinkles, combat sun damage and reduce signs of hyper-pigmentation.

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