Interview about Mānuka Oil with Dr. Suki Harding

At ManukaRx, we wholeheartedly believe natural science-backed skincare is the best way to take care of your skin. We sat down with ManukaRx Director and Head of Research & Development, Dr. Suki Harding, to interview her about the numerous benefits of East Cape mānuka essential oil. Here is our interview exploring the exciting scientifically proven benefits of mānuka oil for your skin!

Interview About Manuka Oil With Dr. Suki Harding - Suki with Manuka

What is Mānuka Oil? 

Mānuka oil is an essential oil that comes from the oil sacs in the leaves of mānuka trees that grow all over New Zealand. The botanical name for mānuka trees is Leptospermum Scoparium, and contrary to popular belief, mānuka oil has nothing to do with mānuka honey. Unlike mānuka honey that is made by bees using nectar from mānuka flowers, mānuka oil is made by steam distilling manuka leaf material.

Interview About Manuka Oil With Dr. Suki Harding - Manuka Oil In Bottle


How is Mānuka Oil Extracted?

Mānuka oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs of mānuka trees by the method of steam distillation. This process takes place by allowing steam to pass through harvested leaf material to vaporise the oil. The vapour is then condensed and the oil floats on top of the water. The steam distillation process takes around 5-6 hours and from each tonne of mānuka leaf material, only 3-5 litres of precious mānuka oil is produced.

What Makes East Cape Mānuka Oil an Incredible, Evidence-Based Skincare Ingredient

What is Special About East Cape Mānuka Oil?

East Cape mānuka oil is very special because it is a bioactive-packed essential oil that comes from mānuka trees that grow only in the East Cape region of New Zealand. East Cape mānuka trees have a unique chemical identity or “chemotype” called the high triketone chemotype. Triketones are special chemicals that are responsible for the incredible antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties of East Cape mānuka oil. 

The essential oil from the East Cape has 20-40% triketones, whereas mānuka oil from most other parts of New Zealand has less than 5% triketones, making it very special indeed. What’s also interesting is that mānuka trees that grow in Australia have a completely different chemical profile and no triketones at all.

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It’s because of the high percentage of triketones found in East Cape mānuka oil that we use the essential oil as the hero ingredient in all ManukaRx skin care products.

What Makes East Cape Mānuka Oil an Incredible, Evidence-Based Skincare Ingredient?

East Cape mānuka oil is an incredible, evidence-based skincare ingredient for several reasons. Firstly, it is the most globally researched New Zealand botanical ingredient, with more than 1,000 internationally peer reviewed publications. 

What Makes East Cape Mānuka Oil an Incredible, Evidence-Based Skincare Ingredient

Secondly, it does not cause toxic or allergic reactions when used correctly. It also has antioxidant compounds that protect skin cells from harmful free radicals that cause premature aging. Research has also shown that topical application of East Cape mānuka oil reduces fine lines, wrinkles and skin thickness caused by sun damage.

ManukaRx’s pink Pro-Aging collection captures the anti-aging benefits of East Cape mānuka oil.

Is East Cape Mānuka Oil Good for Acne?

East Cape mānuka oil is great for treating acne because it kills acne causing bacteria on the skin. It also reduces skin inflammation, calms the skin, accelerates wound healing and reduces scarring by stimulating collagen production. So, East Cape mānuka oil gives you a beautifully clear complexion while working as a complete skincare treatment. 

Everyone knows Australian tea tree oil is good for acne, but research shows East Cape mānuka oil is around 30 times more powerful than tea tree oil in killing skin bacteria that cause acne and other infections. So, you can see why the mint green ManukaRx Blemish Control Collection works so well in treating acne and blemished skin!

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How Does East Cape Mānuka Oil Compare With Mānuka Honey as an Anti-Bacterial Skincare Ingredient?

If you compare the antibacterial skincare properties of East Cape mānuka oil and mānuka honey, you will be surprised! Mānuka honey has proven antibacterial and wound healing properties but East Cape mānuka oil is 1,000 times more powerful than mānuka honey against skin bacteria. East Cape mānuka oil is also far easier to apply and feels much nicer on the skin.The yellow ManukaRx Everyday Collection of skincare products work wonders on common skin problems like broken cuticles, cuts, scratches, insect bites, chapped lips, burns, dry skin and much more!

What is your favourite ManukaRx skincare product?

My absolute favourite ManukaRx skincare product is the Pro-Aging Skin Oil. It combines the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties of East Cape mānuka oil with antioxidant and hydrating properties of rosehip oil. I use Pro-Aging Skin Oil every morning and night, before moisturising with the Pro-Aging Day Cream or Night Cream. It feels silky and nourishing on my skin. I just love it!

Interview About Manuka Oil With Dr. Suki Harding - Pro-Aging Skincare

There you have it, the unparalleled science-backed skincare benefits of East Cape Mānuka Essential Oil straight from the doctor herself. Now all you need to do is experience all of these incredible benefits for yourself to witness the wonders of mānuka oil can work on you!

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