Mānuka Oil Skincare: Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that most wonderful time of year again, when the halls are being decked with holly, Santa is hitting the waves in Raglan, gift ideas from relatives are snuck into messages, and the fairy lights are coming out to light up the night en masse. And we’ve got just the lineup of wonderful stocking stuffers in this skincare Christmas gift guide to give the gift of great skin to your loved ones. 

ManukaRx Pro-Aging Trio - Manuka Oil Skincare Christmas Gift


Though this holiday season is going to be quite different than past ones, with less opportunity to have a bit too much eggnog at the office Christmas party, smaller holiday gatherings lacking the family’s quirky uncle and aunt, and unwrapping presents happening over video call -- that doesn’t mean it still can’t be special. And it doesn’t mean the gifts you give this year to family, friends, or yourself can’t be incredible and meaningful still. 

Move over TimTams and that pack of socks nobody needs, mānuka oil is one gift for the holidays that is bound to have your loved ones leaping for joy in their matching reindeer onesies with the phenomenal skin and health benefits. 

Each one of these products harnesses the power of East Cape mānuka oil and its antibacterial and antimicrobial effectiveness for a unique and revolutionary skincare gift. 

Let’s dive into our mānuka oil skincare Christmas gift guide so you can pick out just the right one to pop under the tree this year!

Pro-Aging Trio with Rosehip Oil for Youthful Skin

To kick off the gift guide is one of our newest must-have mānuka oil bundles. Though it can’t turn back time, this terrific skincare trio can help keep skin looking phenomenal, youthful, and healthy well into our later years. 


Christmas Gift Guide-Pro-Aging Trio-Manuka Oil Skincare


Rosehip is packed with Vitamin A and E that helps to promote collagen production in the skin, essential for retaining skin elasticity. It’s almost like gifting the fountain of youth, but instead gifting youthful skin no matter the age!

One of the most important aspects for aging is skin health, and mānuka oil will fight against bad skin bacteria and infections to keep you and your skin in tip-top shape. 

Mānuka and Rosehip Skin Oil

It’s not Christmas magic that makes this oil so effective, it’s the synergistic superpowers of mānuka oil and rosehip oil to help take years off skin and fortify it for the future. Rich with vitamin A, this oil helps to clean out pores while the retinoids work to remove hyperpigmentation, blemishes, wrinkles and signs of skin aging.

Day Cream

A dab a day keeps the wrinkles away. This skin cream will lock in moisture all day while still allowing skin to breathe as the rosehip oil assists in boosting cell repair and the mānuka oil adds a layer of defense throughout the day for any environment. The antibacterial potency of mānuka oil makes it an ideal everyday companion for any daily challenge or environment life presents. 


Christmas Gift Guide-Pro-Aging Trio-Manuka Oil Skincare-Anti-Aging


Night Cream

Unleashing the antioxidant power of rosehip oil, this night cream gifts the skin of one's dreams all while catching some Zzz’s. Combined with kakadu plum oil, which has the most vitamin C found in nature, it fights free-radicals that can diminish collagen and lead to skin complications while promoting circulation and skin cell production for healthier and more youthful skin. All while you sleep.

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Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap for Plant-Powered Protection


Christmas Gift Guide-Extra gentle Cleansing Soap-Manuka Oil Skincare


Perfect for slipping into the stocking, this unassuming bar of soap is a great little gift for every family member that will leave skin as soft as clouds. Made with mānuka oil and shea butter, it is wonderfully gentle and works well on even the most sensitive skin to clean, exfoliate, and protect. This soap is also a powerful antibacterial daily must-have for the whole family.

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Christmas Gift Guide-Soothing Skin Oil-Manuka Oil Skincare


Unlike the countries bundling up in the northern hemisphere, Christmas time in New Zealand is for basking in a bit of sunshine. But we also have to protect our skin from the effects of too much basking. This marvelous skin oil with macadamia and mānuka is amazing for reducing inflammation after a day in the sun. The skin-soothing and regenerative benefits found in the dermal-boosting fatty acids of macadamia oil help to strengthen, moisturise, and keep skin soft. 

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Hand Cream with Mānuka Oil for Healthy Hands


Christmas Gift Guide-Hand Cream-Manuka Oil Skincare


Our hands are the most important tools we have, and we might as well protect them and keep them healthy! This hand cream with mānuka oil works simultaneously to give softer hands while killing bacteria and germs to keep cuts, scrapes, and cracked cuticles in check. Mānuka and kakadu plum oil lock in moisture to help heal tired and hardened hands while fortifying the skin without the greasy and oil residue of most creams.

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East Cape Mānuka and Hemp Seed Skin Oil for Energised Skin


Christmas Gift Guide-Hemp Seed Skin Oil-Manuka Oil Skincare


Hemp, one of New Zealand’s native superplants, has soothing and energising benefits like no other. Packed with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, it combines with mānuka oil to dig out dirt and keep skin clear while helping to heal especially sensitive, dry, or damaged skin and cuticles. Given the skin invigorating and anti-inflammatory properties, this skin oil makes for a perfect cleansing and soothing serum as well.

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Give the gift of great skin and healthier living this year with some of these incredible East Cape mānuka oil products, or head to our shop to browse the other revolutionary skincare products!

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